Bridgepoint Turns 23!

Bridgepoint Turns 23!

In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web (WWW), a system of interlinked hypertext documents that can be accessed through the Internet. Thanks to this invention, you and I are able to browse millions of websites that give us access to more information than was previous imagined by anyone. Because of the World Wide Web I can search a top news story, find out what the weather is in Timbuktu, learn how to master the soufflé, connect with my high school buddies, and send my wife flowers without stepping into a flower shop. (Okay, that last one doesn’t happen as often as it should.)  For better of for worse, the World Wide Web has connected humanity by crossing boundaries that normally keep us apart.

Coincidentally, Bridgepoint Community Church was born the same year the World Wide Web was created. Even more fascinating is the fact that both Bridgepoint and the WWW share a common task of connecting people with what can be known. For twenty-three years Bridgepoint has been instrumental in linking individuals to God by helping them know and understand the message of the Gospel.

Bridgepoint serves as a beacon of light to help people discover the love of God through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We are committed to making disciples of every nation. Although we exist as a local community, ours is a global-minded ministry with partners in virtually every continent in the world.

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On behalf of everyone who has been touched one way or another by our ministry, I would like to thank the entire Bridgepoint family for their faithfulness to Christ and the church, and I look forward to partnering with you for many more years to come as we continue reaping a great harvest of souls for God’s kingdom.

To God be the glory indeed!

Pastor Ed